Battalia Royale takes place in contemporary Philippines. 40 students from the Junior Class of Our Lady of Guadalupe High School in Manila are on their way to a school excursion when they are kidnapped, sedated and rerouted to an unknown location. At the beginning of the play, the audience are taken to the riverside, where they see the unconscious students piled in a mass of bodies.

When they awake, the students and the audience are greeted by a number of armed guards and the game’s facilitator/commentator, Fraser Salamon. Salamon informs the students that they are participants in this round of Battalia Royale. Each student has been fitted with a collar which monitors their breath and pulse. At the end of the evening, if more than one student remains alive, all the collars will self-destruct, killing all the students.

Bang. The game begins.

Four Main Story Arcs

The Third Man


The Lighthouse Family

The Kiriyama Family


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