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Who Me

Who Me

We never got to know Pascal, until now.


Datu Abellera

NAME: Datu Abellera

WEAPON: Blowgun

Tough, scarred mature, cynical. Datu transferred from his previous school earlier this year and has not yet made friends. He acts pretty aloof and tries to project a tough image, which comes across as surly. In his previous school he had a girlfriend who he slept with, and he thinks that makes him really adult and mature. He is secretly a big rock music fan and knows heaps about rock history, the blues, alternative artists etc. Datu is pretty poor at schoolwork but quite good at sports, and very active – likes camping, climbing and wants to be a guide for people going on treks. When the game starts he realises that he needs to drop his attitude and make some friends urgently. He is wary of the lighthouse family and reluctantly agrees to seek their protection.

Played by Ralph Tuazon


SEBASTIAN – he has had a confrontation with the kiriyami family but not with sebastian himself.

JESSICA – Jessica offered him help with his work and he rebuffed her. He didn’t quite realise that she had a crush on him, but if he did he probably wouldn’t return the feelings.

SOPHIA – Datu knows Sophia plays rock and roll music, and he thinks she has good taste. He is impressed with how together she is during the game and starts to develop feelings for her.

PAUL – he tolerates paul but is a little exasperated by him.

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Maria Jessica Adriano

NAME: Jessica Adriano

WEAPON: Broken bottle

Class vice-president. Jess has lots of friends and is well respected by her classmates, but she is a bit preppy and some classmates find her a little bossy. She is really generous though and her classmates do what she suggests because she genuinely cares about them. She holds herself together well and she doesn’t cry or break down easily. Jess is on the volleyball team and the drama club, and she sings sometimes with Sophia’s band. She is also quite a good writer. She’s a good singer and she has sung with Sophia’s band a few times. Jessica doesn’t easily trust adults. She questions adults because she judge them as power-hungry and pathetic people. But with peers, Jessica tries her best to be very fair and just. She wants to prove to her parents that she doesn’t need pressure to remain on top. She hates it when she’s not in control of things. She plans very well to make sure that she knows what she does every time. Jessica is pretty, not very pretty though, and this is one of her insecurities. She is a very good singer-actor but is really bad with dancing.

Played by Meila Romero


RAHEL – Jess has developed a very close relationship with Rahel, who became her best friend since first year high school. Rahel knows every bit of secret that Jessica is hiding. She allows herself to be very fragile around Rahel. But in school, she projects a very strong and competitive image. She wants people to respect her and what she does.

DATU – She has a very big crush on Datu, but she doesn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment.

SOPHIA – She really respects Sophia and the feeling is mutual.

SEBASTIAN – She once stood up to the Kiriyama Family and made his gang stop bullying Dino. Despite this, she actually respects Sebastian as he is quite mature for his age.

PAUL – Once she and Paul were both in the finals for a big poetry competition – they went to the awards ceremony together. She thinks Paul is nice, but he is intimidated by her.

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Kalil Aquino

NAME: Kalil Aquino

WEAPON: Qiang (spear)

Kalil is a spoilt brat from a wealthy family, who sees himself as morally and socially superior to every one of his classmates. He plays the violin, studies martial arts and is a public speaker, but also strongly believes in following the rules, and cracks under pressure when subjected to the Battalia Royale program, killing without prejudice. He is hunted down by Victor for the cold-blooded murder of Nina.

Victor encounters Nina, who has been fatally injured by Kalil, making Victor question whether the time has come to turn his back on his noble way of life, and bring death to those who deserve it.

Played by Miguel delos Santos


Kalil has no close personal relationships within the class, looking on his male classmates as barbarians and the females as nothing more than objects. He prefers to keep to himself and practice his violin.

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Paul Aragan

NAME: Paul Aragan

WEAPON: Poison

Timid, shy, intelligent, immature, polite, needy. Does well in composition class, is a poet and a fiction writer, wants to become a famous author.

Played by Lorenz Acevedo


JESSICA – Paul and Jessica were once finalists in a poetry competition, but he is intimidated by her and stays shy.

SOPHIA – Paul has a major crush on sophia, and he was potentially going to confess it on this school trip.

DATU – Paul is nervous as hell about Datu, then increasingly jealous as datu and sophia have such obvious chemistry.

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Catherine “Kakai” Gail Bantagan

NAME: Catherine Gail Bantagan (Kakai)

WEAPON: Water pistol (but carries her own switchblade)

Kakai is the female antagonist of the story, having been molested and abused form a very early age, shaping her as a highly intelligent and supremely violent young woman. She uses her feminine wiles and physical beauty to her advantage, and is a consummate liar, able to switch in a matter of seconds between raging sociopath and vulnerable young girl, even crying on cue. She subconsciously sees the Program as an opportunity to “take, rather than be taken”, and sets about manipulating and destroying her fellow classmates, including Rhae, making her the target of Victor’s revenge. She takes a great deal of joy in offing her classmates, and will often toy with their emotions and even their sexuality before dealing the final blow. Kakai comes across as entirely emotionless, calculating and cruel, until her meeting with Timothy, when his genuine kindness triggers a sympathetic reaction in her.

Played by Dorothea Yrastorza


LAILA / REMELY – runs a small girl-gang consisting of her and these two girls. Makes them pull off small robberies and acts of vandalism, also pimps them out to older men.

SOPHIA – has always disliked Sophia and her carefree nature.

JESSICA – similarly dislikes Jessica and her holier-than-thou, teacher’s-pet attitude.

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Jezreel Batucan

NAME: Jezreel Batucan

WEAPON: Shield

Jezreel is a bit of loner, and is considered a nerd and a weirdo by the rest of her class, but in her own mind she sees herself as a Galactic Princess. She believes that one day a vessel will come to Earth and take her away to the Galactic Sanctuary, where she will sit alongside the current Princess. At least this is what she always hoped for.

Played by Erica Esteban and Kiki Baento

STRENGTHS: Strong imagination, surprisingly high pain threshold, courage of her convictions.

WEAKNESSES: Complete lack of social skills, significant mental issues, suffers from delusions.


Jezreel has no friends and doesn’t seem to understand or care about anyone else. Everyone is a blur of inconsequential humans that will perish in the coming Space Rapture.

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