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More Buzz on Battalia Royale

Ilang tala pagkanood ng Battalia Royale ng Sipat Lawin Ensemble (Randel Urbano, via Facebook)

Theaterati on Battalia Royale (Christopher de Venecia)

Battalia Royale: Kill or Be Killed (Pay What You Can) (Allan of Running Free Manila)

Cheering murder: Thoughts on Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s Battalia Royale (Dave Albao via Facebook)

Review: Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s Battalia Royale (Stage Door Canteen)

Battalia Royale Fan Art (Jess’s Art Stuff, tumblr)

Battalia Royale: Can You Kill a Classmate?  (

Not your typical high school musical: ‘Bare’ vs. ‘Battalia Royale’ (Kara Ortiga, Philippine Star)

Notes on Battalia Royale (Alice Sarmiento on WordPress)

Battalia Royale Live Action Game: Your New Generation Theater Production (Nicai de Guzman,


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