Ricardo: (on Kakai) She was a lying whore then, and she’s a lying whore now. The only difference is… she’s a lying whore with a stun gun!‎

Francis: (When knife is pointed to his chest) That’s… that’s right on my nipple.

Timothy: Sir, ayoko pang mamatay sir.

June: Just because you don’t believe in love, doesn’t mean you can take it away from other people.

Carmina: Fuck you, karpintera! What are you gonna do? Build a house? Gawad Kalinga?
Paola: Pokpokin kita… POKPOK!!

Datu: Bago niyo pa maiputok yan, natira ko na kayong lahat!

Kakai: Good boy, good evening, good night.

Laila: I’m not Catholic, I’m a Christian!

Lakhi: Super sprain?
June: Yes, yes, super sprain!

Malaine: Ang tanga tanga mo Francis! Ano ka ba??? I hate you! I hate y– I love you… I love you!!!!!! (sobs)

June: You know I’m good with screws.

Jezreel: No pain, no gain!!

Jezreel: Ako ang tagapagtanggol ng pag-ibig at katarungan.

Sebastian: Do you trust me, Alab? I need you Alab!

Kalil: Wala tayo sa Palarong Pambansa.

Kalil: Healthy mind, healthy body!

Rhae: May crush ka?
Victor: Oo.
Rhae: Ako rin.
Victor: Wag mong sabihing ako.
Rhae: Sige, hindi.

Erlat: It’s calles a garrote and….
Paola: Asiong Salonga!!!
Erlat: Asiong Salonga uses one!

Kakai: Ang kupal kupal kupal kupal kupal ng mundo, Victor!

Kakai: Gusto mo i-kiss kita?
Ina: Yes… please.

Victor: Hindi naging kami, bestfriends lang!

Paola: Evolution!

Alpha Goon: To the airplane!


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