1. Characters’ names were picked by the writers from director JK Anicoche’s Facebook friends.
  2. First characters that were developed were Rhae, Kakai, Ina, Rahel, Jessica, Sophia, Lakhi, June, Laila, Sanya and Sebastian. Some Sipat Lawin players were assigned a character to develop during the workshop process. These characters were the firsts to have a Facebook account. It was writer Sam Burns-Warr’s idea to develop characters online so as to provide an open platform for the writers and actors to develop the roles.
  3. The writers asked the Sipat Lawin players to give them a list of popular last names, that was later given to each characters.Hence: Rodel CALIBUGAN, Liesl MALABAYABAS.
  4. Sebastian Kiriyama is the only character who retains a part of his name from the original book. In the book the character was called Kazuo Kiriyama.
  5. Runner Rhae Isidora del Prado is name play on Filipino Olympian Isidro del Prado. Rhae’s obsession with running is reflected in her favorite song and film: Running by No Doubt and Forrest Gump.
  6. The day before the opening performance, SLE player Joelle (Carmina), got a cut on her hand from the scaffolds. She wore a glove on her right hand to cover the bandage.
  7. SLE player Isabelle (Rhae) admits she is not a runner in real life. She wears a knee support to protect her knee from a congenital defect.
  8. The character June was first developed to be a pole dancer upon the writers’ knowledge that SLE player Sarah Salazar is pole dancer/instructor in real life. It was Eisa Jocson, a.k.a. LADY S, a Sipat Lawin collaborator and Sarah’s pole mentor who helped develop the ‘sexy dance’ sequence after scraping the pole dance beat in the Third Man story arc due to logistical challenges in providing a pole.
  9. Characters Laila and Sebastian were later made cousins because they got along so well on Facebook during the workshop period.
  10. Some players took basic Wushu training under wushu teacher and fight choreographer, Garry Lee Cua in preparation for their fight scenes. Teacher Garry Lee Cua choreographed the fights of Victor vs. Kalil, Rhae vs. Rodel, Rhae vs. Kakai,Victor vs. Kakai, Sebastian vs. Sanya.
  11. SLE player Isabelle (Rhae) is a big fan of Mario, thus adding the fire flower patch on her sports bra to make it more personal. Rhae mentions the fire flower on her Facebook account.
  12. SLE player Kiko Miranda was first cast to develop character Sebastian Kiriyama. During the first reading of the whole script in January, he asked to play Lakhi instead.
  13. Some vignettes were developed from scene improvisations by SLE players with a set of parameters given by the writers. Rehearsals took place at the Living Room and Transitopia studio in Malate, Mabuhay Buddhist temple in Vito Cruz, NCCA Office in Intramuros.
  14. The first set of photos were taken in a practice clinic  of the College of Nursing of National University. Photos were taken by Kevin Cayuca.
  15. Actors’ ages who play students range from 17 to 28 years old.
  16. Based on the Class Hope Relationship Map, Victor is the most crushed on character having Sanya, Ina, Rhae and Nina crushing on him.
  17. Sanya was first created to be Sebastian’s girlfriend which was later changed when the character development took a different path during the workshop period.
  18. An estimate of 200 blood packs are made for every show. The thick consistency in the blood is due to a secret formula in the mixture researched by Battalia’s technical director Ninya Bedruz and concocted by Sipat Lawin’s in-house scientist Luis Yrastorza.
  19. The first Facebook interactions of the characters were used by the writers in character and storyline development.
  20. Director JK Anicoche asked the actors to present hairstyle studies for specific characters.
  21. The skirt length depended on the character’s preference.
  22. It was already foreseen that there will be more female actors, thus the writers changed some characters to accommodate more female actors.
  23. The script was written in English because of the Australian writers. During the staging rehearsals,  the actors were asked to re-word/translate/ adapt their lines based on how the think their characters would speak.
  24. Our Lady of Guadalupe was chosen as the name for the school because is said to be the protector of children.
  25. Lyricist and composer of the school hymn, Sister W. Houston, O.B.R. Comes from the “Order of Battalia Royale”
  26. Leeroy New created the school logo and inserted different weapons in the image.
  27. Rhae, Alab and Victor are the only characters that are allowed to roam freely during the performance. Alab as a constant stalker of the Kiriyama Family; Rhae as the runner to represent time lapse and help lead to the next scene; Victor who aims to find Rhae.
  28. Writers Jordan, Sam and David each wrote a different ending for the play.
  29. The original script is 177 pages long.
  30. The Class Hope Relationship Map was made by SLE player Isabelle from 2am -9am on a December dawn of 2011.
  31. SLE player Isabelle also made a two death maps as a guide for the actors on who kills who.
  32. Jessica wears a Hello Kitty anklet and a pair of Hello Kitty earrings, referencing to find the Hidden Mickey.
  33. Victor wears an amulet throughout the play, it is only revealed after his duel with Kakai.


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