David Finnigan’s Favourite Battalia Royale Scenes


by david finig

My deeply biased perspective on some of my favourite moments from the Battalia Royale script.

The Kiriyama Family

When Sebastian Kiriyama meets the rest of his gang and holds Paola hostage with a butter knife, that to me is one of the clearest and most funky demonstrations of what a total badass Sebastian is. In a crowd of itchy-trigger-finger punks armed with whips, bows and arrows, hammers and garottes, Sebastian holds his own with a butterknife. Plus Sam Burns-Warr drops some really sleek deadpan lines throughout. Sheer class.

The Third Man

The final scene in Georgie McAuley’s script (which follows the trials and tribulations of Class President Julius, his best friend Lucky and his ex-girlfriend June) is one of the most compelling for me. The mood of the scene is a horrifying blend of ennui, paranoia and total mania that evokes the final scenes of Apocalypse Now. The best thing is, it also has some really great dancing. Despair + dancing = fuck yeah.

The Lighthouse Family

Look, it’s always going to be weird picking out your favourite scene that you wrote, but for me, the Lighthouse Boogie is one of the highlight moments of that whole story arc. The girls try to pack in all the fun, hijinx and mischief that they hoped to have on the excursion into five brief minutes in between killings. There’s Truth or Dare, a sneaky hipflask of schnapps, we find out who kissed Dino, and they even bust out a bunch of dancing. It’s probably the happiest moment in the whole play, for what that’s worth.


So Jordan Prosser’s story arc follows the journey of martial arts student Victor and class bad girl Kakai as they track one another throughout the game. It’s sort of cheating, but the finale when these two finally face each other properly at the end is so, so fucking worthwhile. If I can quote one stage direction: ‘They come face to face, samurai sword locked with baseball bat, both of them drenched in sweat and blood.’ I am itching to see this. So should you be.

There are so many other moments in this script that I’m excited about, but that is it for now. Just, go and see it. I don’t think I’m boasting or making extravagant claims when I say: There are not many other plays out there like Battalia Royale. Blood-flood, yo.


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