Battalia Royale Betting Guide


Hello punter, and welcome to Battalia Royale 2012!

Do you feel lucky? I certainly hope so, because you’re holding in your hand the ultimate guide to the favourites, second-stringers and wildcards of Class Hope from Our Lady of Guadalupe High School, Manila. This guide will introduce you to the students who we believe have the best chance of surviving and succeeding in the upcoming game. Take a look through these profiles, consider your options, and place your bet: who will be the Class Hope champion?


As you know, the students of Class Hope are not aware that they have been selected for this year’s Battalia Royale. Any attempt to inform the students or to interfere with their kidnap and transportation to the site of this year’s game will be prevented, and offenders will be prosecuted extremely severely.


These are the students who have been deemed ‘most likely to succeed’ by our panel of experts. They are each extremely resourceful, intelligent, sophisticated and cunning.

Julius Francisco

Class Hope president Julius Franisco is a high achiever in many senses. He is the star player of the school basketball team, a genius with computers, and a casanova with the ladies. Julius was raised primarily by his uncle, who taught him a lot about political corruption, yet always instilled in him a sense of hope for the future, which could only be achieved by the youth. As a result of this, Julius grew up to be a bit of a punk, who shies away from authoritative figures, particularly those of the older generation.

Datu Abellera

Tough, surly, mature and cynical, Datu joined Class Hope earlier this year and has not yet made any friends. He’s a little older than the rest of the class and even has a little beard stubble. Not long after arriving, Datu had a confrontation with Sebastian Kiriyama’s gang, but Datu and Sebastian did not actually come to blows. Secretly, Datu is a big fan of rock and roll music and loves the blues.

Sebastian Kiriyama

Sebastian is the adopted son of two super rich, self obsessed parents, who spoil him, but also completely ignore him, and let him do pretty much whatever he likes. This has lead to him becoming a violent young man, with little remorse or care for anyone he comes across. He is considered by his classmates to be a real bad boy, and has a gang of girls who are in love with him and constantly try to impress him. He takes drugs and parties a lot, and despite being very intelligent, cares little for schoolwork. He also knows his way around a gun…

Catherine “Kakai” Gail Bantagan

Kakai is the most feared girl in Class Hope. Coming from an upbringing of physical abuse and foster homes, she is renowned for being cold, calculating, violent and manipulative. She is all too aware of her physical beauty and how it may be used to her advantage. Kakai is in charge of a small gang of girls, include Laila and Remely, with whom she runs a drug racket and a small-time prostitution ring. Kakai sleeps with whoever she wants, bullies whoever she wants, and lives life entirely by her own maladjusted set of rules.


Although not as highly regarded by our experts as the favourites above, these three students have also been identified as possessing qualities and traits which may serve them well in the game. Expect to see them in the final fifteen survivors, if not the final five.

Victor Vicente

Victor is a martial arts expert, and lives his life by a strong moral code proportionate to his physical dexterity. Despite his prowess, he remains quiet, shy and introverted; his only real friend is Rhae, whom he has known since they were young children. She is the only one he feels he can trust and confide in, but the true nature of their relationship remains vague for both of them. Victor is all too aware of his skills, and the damage he could if he let his personal code of conduct slip for even just a second. He is determined to be a good person, and live his life through compassion and justice.

Rhae Isidora del Prado

Rhae is Class Hope’s female star track athlete, and self-proclaimed Alpha Female of her peers. She is beautiful but headstrong, and will often skip school or dress out of uniform, in the knowledge that no teacher would want to reprimand or fail their hero athlete in any of her classes. While she remains precocious and arrogant in the public eye, Rhae enjoys being alone and running to clear her mind of the pressures of teenage life. Victor is her oldest friend and only true confidant – he is the only one who really understands her.

Sophia Angela Villafuerte

Sophia is one of the most charismatic and popular girls in Class Hope. She is creative, passionate, friendly, trusting, kind and confident, though she is not the smartest person in the class. She plays guitar in her own rock band, which Jessica Adriano sometimes sings in. Sophia truly believes that rock and roll music can change the world Extremely friendly and always happy, it is hard not to like her.


Just for fun, our experts have chosen three students who, although they don’t honestly have much hope of coming first, may just surprise us all. Each of these three students possesses something a little special or unusual, which may just make them outside contendors for the prize…

Alab Delusa

Alab is a member of Sebastian’s gang. He is considered a bully by his classmates, although he he isn’t particularly intimidating. He is a tag-a-long of the gang, there because he amuses Sebastian. He is widely considered to be a homosexual, although he is certainly not ‘out’. He is, most of all, cunning, and there is a chance that he may use his friends in the Kiriyama Family to his advantage.

Luna June Serrano

June is a strong-willed and independent young woman. After her mother and father more or less abandoned her and her little brother at a young age, June took up pole dancing as a means of being independent from her family. After her behaviour became erratic at school, she was transferred to Guadeloupe, where she has remained quiet and mysterious. June and Julius had a brief fling during the Summer Holidays, which lasted only a few weeks, before Julius began ignoring June. June is not a violent person, however she does not take well to being toyed with. Julius had better look out…

Jezreel Batucan

Jezreel is a bit of loner, and is considered a nerd and a weirdo by the rest of her class, but in her own mind she sees herself as a Galactic Princess. She believes that one day a vessel will come to Earth and take her away to the Galactic Sanctuary, where she will sit alongside the current Princess. At least this is what she always hoped for. Although she is not usually a violent person, there is a small chance that the stresses of the game may bring out a very different side to Jezreel Batucan…


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