Artistic and Production Players

Battalia Royale

Sipat Lawin Ensemble, Mapua Tekno Teatro, Dulaang Perpetual, with guests Bodjie F. Pascua, Gabe Mercado and many more

Text: David Finnigan, Georgie McAuley, Jordan Prosser, and Sam Burns-Warr
Sound: Teresa Barrozo
Set Design: Leeroy New
Direction: JK Anicoche

Fight Choreographer (for selected scenes): Garry Lee Cua

Production Manager: Tara Cabaero
Assistant Production Managers: Erica Esteban, Meyanne Plamenio
Marketing Head: Carlo de Castro
Publicity Head: Mia Marci
Merchandise Head: Kiko Miranda
Ticket Royale: Rayna Reyes

BR Blogmaster: Isabelle Martinez

Stage Manager: Bernah Bernardo
Deputy Stage Manager: Adrienne Vergara
Assistant Stage Managers: Sheenly Gener, Dave Ramones

Technical Director: Ninya Bedruz
Assistant Technical Director: Mina Tagulao, Luis Yrastorza
Costume Mistress: Kiko Miranda

Company Manager for SLE: Alison Segarra
Artistic Director for SLE: JK Anicoche



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