The Third Man

Julius Francisco, the intelligent and witty Casanova, is one of the first students to find a safe hideout, where he begins to formulate a plan to escape the game and overthrow the government. If there was any student that could do it, it’s Julius. His problem solving skills are strong, and the vast knowledge acquired from his Uncle’s mentoring taught him that with the right intentions, good can overcome evil.

Julius’ best friend Lucky is the second player in our triangle. Lucky is a loyal friend, and deeply sensitive. After losing  sight of his high-school crush, and nearly getting killed, Lucky is re-united with Julius, and together, the two make plans to escape, forming a seemingly strong pact.

June is the third and final player in our triangle. After a dysfunctional relationship with Julius, June is emotionally wounded, eager for closure, and willing to do anything to survive. Using her feminine wiles and playing on Lucky’s sensitive nature, June pries her way into the boy’s hideout, easily rupturing their pact, and testing so-called ‘escape plans’, emotions, and long-buried insecurities. As time wears on, and students are slaughtered, isolation becomes a weakness, rather than a strength. Anticipation starts to get to our players, as outside the walls of their sanctuary, plans disintegrate in pools of blood. Pressure can only build to a breaking point as now, more than ever, three’s a crowd.

WRITER: Georgie McAuley


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