The Kiriyama Family

When the game begins, the girls in Sebastian Kiriyama’s gang gather together and try and figure out how they are going to play the game. Soon, Sebastian himself joins and they decide the only way they can make it through is to play the game as it is intended. So the gang begins picking off other students who they come across and start making some distance in the game, until eventually the horror of what is occurring catches up with some of the girls. They know that Sebastian has a plan and their blind devotion to him results in a major turning point towards the end. Let’s just say not everyone can make it through to the end…

Meanwhile, girls from different social groups Mac and Laila join up, and try to hide and wait out the battle. This goes well until they start discussing two of mankind’s most contentious subjects, the existence of God, and, well, Justin Bieber.

While all of this is happening, best friends Adrix and Liesl have joined up and decide they can single-handedly put an end to all of the violence by convincing everyone to join forces and figure out a way out of the game. Of course, doing this reveals their hiding place.

And don’t forget about young Jezreel Batucan, who is hurriedly preparing herself for evacuation to a magical space ship that is coming to collect her and crown her a Galactic Princess.

Before the game finishes, each of these stories meet. And like I said, not everyone can make it through to the end…

WRITER: Sam Burns-Warr


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