Victor Vicente and Catherine “Kakai” Gail Bantagan; two students evenly matched in strength and ability, yet diametrically opposed in morality. While Victor sets out immediately to find Rhae Isadora del Prado, his one true friend and lifelong crush, to save her from their increasingly reckless and violent peers, Kakai, twisted by a life of abuse and juvenile delinquency, begins a sequence of baseless manipulations, steering her unsuspecting classmates toward gruesome deaths.

As the class numbers dwindle, Victor’s righteousness and Kakai’s penchant for anarchy will bring them circling closer and closer to one another, but will also force Kakai to reflect on her life of manipulation and barbarity, just as Victor will come to question the value of order and honour in a system where survival, at any cost, is the only currency.

They will encounter droves of wounded and warring classmates, each with ulterior motives, secret longings, deadly agendas and powerful weapons of their own, but Victor and Kakai must survive long enough to bring about their inevitable and savage confrontation.

WRITER: Jordan Prosser


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