Victor Vicente

NAME: Victor Vicente

WEAPON: Machete

Calm, tall and well-respected, Victor is a modern-day Samurai, possessing great physical abilities but attempting to live by a moral code not shared by the majority of his classmates. Having been life-long friends with Rhae, and harbouring an intense infatuation for her, he makes it his top priority at the start of the game to locate her and keep her safe by any means necessary. He finds her moments too late, though – and watches her die by the hands of Kakai. Having nothing left to live for, he decides to go against his own pacifist nature and use his keen martial arts and tracking skills to hunt and destroy Kakai out of revenge. Having been bullied intensely as a child, Victor remains introverted, timid, and unsure how best to express himself, despite his physical prowess.

Played by Ross Pesigan


RHAE  – has known Rhae since they were 6 years old, and have grown up together. They know more about each other than anyone in the world, and this has slowly grown in to a deep and mutual love, though both are yet to reveal to the other.

SOPHIA – good friends with her, always really enjoys listening to her band play even if he doesn’t understand what the lyrics mean and doesn’t know how to dance. Respects her capacity for creative thinking and outgoing nature.

JULIUS – tight friends since the starts of school. Respects his determination and natural prowess in the classroom and no the sports field. An even match for him in many respects, Victor and Julius enjoy being each other’s intellectual and physical rivals in school.

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