Timothy Serrano

NAME: Timothy Serrano

WEAPON: Baseball bat

Timothy looks a lot younger than his age – he is short, round-faced and kindly. He is known in his class as an “otaku”, someone whose obsession with computers (and in Timothy’s case, comic books) has left him at a social disadvantage. Indeed, he struggles talking to any of his classmates who he considers of social or physical superiority – but being forced in to the Program seems to give him the resignation he needs to talk properly to a beautiful girl; Kakai, whom he has had a crush on for some time, and can still see the good in despite her actions in the past. He shows himself to be rational, caring and sensitive, and truly believes that by working together they may be able to escape or beat the Program.

Having joined up with Ricardo early on the game, Timothy believes they can enlist the remaining students and find a way to escape together, without any further bloodshed – this is until Kakai appears, and forces a rift between him and his childhood friend.

Played by Mark Ghosn


RICARDO – has known Ricardo since they were very young children and latched on to him as a friend, as a means of protection from bullies and in an attempt to maintain some sort of social standing. Ricardo, however, grows bored by Timothy and his obsessive, nerdish behaviour quite easily.

KAKAI – always watches her from afar, and senses there is more to her than she would have people believe. Thinks she is also the most genuinely beautiful girl in the world.

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