Sophia Angela Villafuerte

NAME: Sophia Angela Villafuerte


Charismatic, creative, passionate, eager, friendly, trusting, confident, kind, not very smart. She is a rock guitarist with a band of classmates, and believes that rock can change the world. Sophia is extremely friendly and always happy, it is hard not to like her. She looks for the good in everybody, and she is sometimes a little too trusting.

Played by Adrienne Vergara


PAUL – Paul writes lyrics sometimes for Sophia’s band. She thinks he’s nice but she knows he has a massive crush on her and she finds it a little awkward.

JESS – Jess sometimes sings in Sophia’s band. Sophia and Jess are a really good pair and they know it. They are both really confident, but Jess is more serious than Sophia. Sophia really respects Jess and vice versa.

DATU – Sophia has never really noticed Datu, though she knows Jess has a crush on him. After Datu saves her and Paul, however, she starts to pay attention to him.

Sophia on Facebook


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