Sebastian Kiriyama

NAME: Sebastian Kiriyama

WEAPON: Bread knife

Sebastian is the adopted son of two super rich, self obsessed parents, who spoil him, but also completely ignore him, and let him do pretty much whatever he likes. This has lead to him becoming a violent young man, with little remorse or care for anyone he comes across. He is considered by his classmates to be a real bad boy, and has a gang of girls who are in love with him and constantly try to impress him. He takes drugs and parties a lot, and despite being very intelligent, cares little for schoolwork. He also knows his way around a gun…

Played by Kevin Vitug

STRENGTHS: Highly intelligent, skilled fighter, good weapon knowledge, very rich, remorseless, manipulative, respected, feared, also badass.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks compassion, very self-centred.


SANYA – he protected her when she was bullied, respects her loyalty.

PAOLA/ERLAT – enjoys controlling them and making them do his bidding, in reality cares little for them.

CARMINA – uses her as a sex object, cares little for her.

ALAB – allows him to be part of the group because his stupidity amuses him.

JESSICA/VICTOR/JULIUS – admires the respect they command.

JUNE – has no idea who she is, despite the fact they sit together in science.

KAKAI – would have sex with her if he had the chance, likes how badass she is.

DATU – considers him a formidable opponent.

LAILA – Laila is Sebastian’s cousin.

Sebastian on Facebook


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