Sanya Gem Dichoson

NAME: Sanya Gem Dichoson

WEAPON: Bow and Arrow

Sanya is a smart kid. She was a new kid in the school a few years back and had a particularly nasty run in with some bullies. Sebastian saved her and beat up the bullies. Sanya has respected and loved Sebastian ever since. Sebastian allows her to sit as his ‘right hand man’ in his gang. The other girls in the gang respect yet envy Sanya.

Played by Janessa Roque

STRENGTHS: Smart, loyal, respectful, has a strong character, compassionate, respected.

WEAKNESSES: A little too trusting, too kind, too compassionate.


SEBASTIAN – she respects Sebastian since he protected her from some bullies, considers him as her best friend.

PAOLA/ERLAT/CARMINA – her other friends, but she doesn’t really like the way they conduct themselves.

ALAB – she sympathizes with Alab.

VICTOR – she is secretly in love with Victor because he is a noble and kind version of Sebastian.

DATU – she doesn’t like Datu because she sees him as Sebastian’s enemy.

Sanya on Facebook


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