Rodel Antonio Calibugan

NAME: Rodel Calibugan

WEAPON: Samurai sword

The class’ male star track athlete, but as dumb and unappealing as much as Rhae is smart and attractive. He has a history of lying, cheating, and propagating false rumours, such as a sexual history between him and Rhae. He sees the Program simply as another opportunity to get the things he wants, either by persuasion or by force, and attempts to rape Rhae when she will not willingly join him.

Rodel finds Rhae before Victory does, and tries to force her in to staying with him. This does not end well.

Played by MK Espiritu


RICARDO – a fellow athlete and jock, Rodel likes hanging out with Ricardo at the mall, glowering at women and picking fights. BJ – on the basketball team together.

RHAE – has harboured a long-standing infatuation with Rhae, and he was overjoyed when rumours about the two of them began to spread through Class Hope.

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