Ricardo Zhang

NAME: Ricardo Zhang

WEAPON: Magnum (gun)

Ricardo is a tall, acne-scarred, brutish young man, a headstrong and distrusting jock. Where Timothy sees the good in everyone, Ricardo sees none, and would rather kill his classmates on sight than risk being compromised. Ultimately Kakai causes a rift between Ricardo and Timothy by seducing him.

Having joined up with Ricardo early on the game, Timothy believes they can enlist the remaining students and find a way to escape together, without any further bloodshed – this is until Kakai appears, and forces a rift between him and his childhood friend.

Played by Kenneth Keng


TIMOTHY – has known Timothy since they were young children, and still looks out for him even though Timothy occasionally bores him.

RODEL / BJ – friends from the basketball team, who will often hang out together after school, shooting hoops and talking about girls.

Ricardo on Facebook


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