Rhae Isidora del Prado

NAME: Rhae Isidora del Prado

WEAPON: Ice pick

A star track athlete, eminently stylish and beautiful. Rhae has been best friends with Victor since they were children and is secretly in love with him. Rhae is quick-witted, street-smart and sassy, prone to fits of anger – she is able to infuriate Rodel in denying his advances before finally and gruesomely killing him. She’s not to fuzzy with how she looks as long as she looks good.

Played by Isabelle Martinez


VICTOR – has known Victor since they were 6 years old, and have grown up together. They know more about each other than anyone in the world, and this has slowly grown in to a deep and mutual love, though both are yet to reveal to the other.

NINA – a fellow athlete and solid girlfriend.

SOPHIA/JESSICA – Rhae looks up to these two as role models of a sort, and respects their leadership and temperance. She wishes she could be as patient and understanding as them.

RODEL – there were rumours about Rodel and Rhae that spread through Class Hope. While Rodel enjoyed the attention and did nothing to stop them, the idea of it made Rhae sick, and made her hate Rodel even more.

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