Rahel Marga del Rosario

NAME: Rahel Marga del Rosario

WEAPON: Make-shift gun

Rahel is a friendly, sociable, charming girl who is really well-liked. She is Jessica’s best friend, and sometimes she is a little overshadowed as Jessica’s sidekick. Rahel is a bit of a gossip, though she is capable of keeping a secret when necessary. Rahel does her best to make sure everyone around her is happy, even when that involves a lot of work. Rahel is always available for people who have boy/girl trouble to unburden themselves. Rahel is really good at organising things like a group trip to the movies or a house party, and she is an excellent host when she is throwing parties herself.

Played by Irene Billones


JESSICA – Rahel and Jess have been best friends since first year high school. Rahel knows every bit of secret that Jessica is hiding. Jess often takes charge in their relationship, and when other people are around Rahel often follows Jess’ lead, but when they are together Rahel is very much an equal partner.

DINO – Rahel felt sorry for Dino when he was getting bullied by the Kiriyama Family and let him kiss her one time, which was awkward and gross and a really bad move.

Rahel on Facebook


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