Paola Guevara

NAME: Paola Guevara

WEAPON: Hammer and nails

Paola is a member of Sebastian’s gang, and is considered to be a bully by her classmates. She has been close friends with Erlat for a while, and follows in her footsteps. She looks up to Erlat, and can be easily pressured into doing things by her. Both girls have a crush on Sebastian, and are constantly trying to impress him. Paola likes her social position and uses it to her advantage regularly, by bullying the other students.

Played by Pepay Ortaleza

STRENGTHS: Loyal, strong, funny (at least to her friends).

WEAKNESSES: Easily manipulated, competitive, does as she’s told, not very bright, doesn’t think things through.


ERLAT – her best friend, does almost everything with her.

SEBASTIAN – has a crush on him but only sees him in the gang, loyal to him.

CARMINA – doesn’t really like Carmina all that much, but is friends with her because she’s in the gang.

SANYA – respects her leadership, although thinks Erlat should be in charge.

ALAB – pretty indifferent to him, thinks it’s funny that he’s gay

Paola on Facebook


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