Lakhi Yoo

NAME: Lakhi Yoo

WEAPON: 9mm Gun

Best friend / sidekick of Julius, has allergies, hopeless romantic, quite conservative toward the world despite his “joker” attitude – likes to make jokes but would never do anything too drastic, really liked Julius for his genuine passion and extensive knowledge about the world. Though he feigns the same kind of anger toward the government most of the time and genuinely feels it when Ina gets killed, truth is, he is frightened about taking on such a force. He has been brain-washed by the fear campaigns and so finds himself caught between anger and action and the fear and obedience that is more typical of the older generation. When June comes along, he figures that three are better than two and particularly warms to her given her friendship with Ina.

Played by Kiko Miranda

Lakhi on Facebook


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