Laila Kiriyama Torres-Ocampo

NAME: Laila Ocampo

WEAPON: Shuriken

Laila is a member of Kakai’s little gang, and is generally considered to be a bit of a ‘bad girl’ by her classmates. That said, she is actually a lot gentler than she lets on, and is very religious. She has a warped vision of Christianity, and thinks anyone that doesn’t believe in God has some serious problems and is going to Hell. She hangs out with Kakai and Remely most of the time, and doesn’t have a boyfriend, although she would love to have one. She is also cousins with Sebastian, although is not friends with him and his gang. Laila is not particularly devoted to her studies.

Played by Tara Cabaero


SEBASTIAN – Laila and Sebastian are cousins.

KAKAI – really respects and likes Kakai, hangs out with her whenever she can, sees her as one of her best friends, although wonders how God sees her…

REMELY – friends, likes to han out with her and Kakai together, doesn’t think much of her new boyfriend.

MAC – is pretty indifferent to Mac, disagrees with her taste in music.

Laila on Facebook


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