Kalil Aquino

NAME: Kalil Aquino

WEAPON: Qiang (spear)

Kalil is a spoilt brat from a wealthy family, who sees himself as morally and socially superior to every one of his classmates. He plays the violin, studies martial arts and is a public speaker, but also strongly believes in following the rules, and cracks under pressure when subjected to the Battalia Royale program, killing without prejudice. He is hunted down by Victor for the cold-blooded murder of Nina.

Victor encounters Nina, who has been fatally injured by Kalil, making Victor question whether the time has come to turn his back on his noble way of life, and bring death to those who deserve it.

Played by Miguel delos Santos


Kalil has no close personal relationships within the class, looking on his male classmates as barbarians and the females as nothing more than objects. He prefers to keep to himself and practice his violin.

Kalil on Facebook


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