Catherine “Kakai” Gail Bantagan

NAME: Catherine Gail Bantagan (Kakai)

WEAPON: Water pistol (but carries her own switchblade)

Kakai is the female antagonist of the story, having been molested and abused form a very early age, shaping her as a highly intelligent and supremely violent young woman. She uses her feminine wiles and physical beauty to her advantage, and is a consummate liar, able to switch in a matter of seconds between raging sociopath and vulnerable young girl, even crying on cue. She subconsciously sees the Program as an opportunity to “take, rather than be taken”, and sets about manipulating and destroying her fellow classmates, including Rhae, making her the target of Victor’s revenge. She takes a great deal of joy in offing her classmates, and will often toy with their emotions and even their sexuality before dealing the final blow. Kakai comes across as entirely emotionless, calculating and cruel, until her meeting with Timothy, when his genuine kindness triggers a sympathetic reaction in her.

Played by Dorothea Yrastorza


LAILA / REMELY – runs a small girl-gang consisting of her and these two girls. Makes them pull off small robberies and acts of vandalism, also pimps them out to older men.

SOPHIA – has always disliked Sophia and her carefree nature.

JESSICA – similarly dislikes Jessica and her holier-than-thou, teacher’s-pet attitude.

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  2. Jhaay

    Really, a wonder protagonist in the play.
    But I’m rather left wondering who was that other girl she kissed
    at the earlier scenes… I didn’t catch it since there were so many people
    and i only hear “OMG KESSSSSSS”
    who was it?

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