Luna June Serrano

NAME: Luna June Serrano

WEAPON: Fireworks

Quiet girl who keeps private life very hidden. She is agreeable in personality but not overtly nice. Does not really see the point in trying with most people. Her apathy was mysterious to Julius, she had a fling with him for a few weeks, before he got weird and started ignoring her, so now they don’t really speak. Grew up without mother around, and did not have good relationship with father, took up pole dancing when she was 16 to be independent. Does not really try at school and is therefore fairly isolated. Only friend was Ina (Lakhi’s crush). Shows up and crashes the party between Lakhi and Julius, makes things extremely awkward and causes friction between the two friends. Tries to get in on their game but when she realises that she is not welcome, she tries to use her sexuality to gain power (pole dancing). Remains fairly detached and apathetic, even though she uses her body as a tool.

Played by Sarah Salazar


INA HO – best friends with Ina.

June on Facebook


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