Sean Julius Francisco

NAME: Sean Julius Francisco


Basketball star, computer hacker, political activist (was once extremely passionate), masterminds the plan to blow up the school, wanted to work for the government to make his country a better place, but has since lost all remaining faith in them, extremely intelligent and witty, but a little bit cooky, not romantic about the world at all, a bit of a ‘mad scientist’ figure particularly toward the end. Was never really good at school, unlike Lucky, but learnt extensive practical skills from his uncle, who was a spy for the government. Very talented at problem solving and “hands on” work such as building and deciphering codes. Believes in practical solutions over romantic ideals. Feels a strange animosity toward June because he started having feelings for her but didn’t really know how to handle them. Hates that she was fairly indiferent toward his behaviour towards her. She makes him confused about romantic ideals, he can’t work out a practical solution to her.

Played by Ian Segarra

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