Maria Jessica Adriano

NAME: Jessica Adriano

WEAPON: Broken bottle

Class vice-president. Jess has lots of friends and is well respected by her classmates, but she is a bit preppy and some classmates find her a little bossy. She is really generous though and her classmates do what she suggests because she genuinely cares about them. She holds herself together well and she doesn’t cry or break down easily. Jess is on the volleyball team and the drama club, and she sings sometimes with Sophia’s band. She is also quite a good writer. She’s a good singer and she has sung with Sophia’s band a few times. Jessica doesn’t easily trust adults. She questions adults because she judge them as power-hungry and pathetic people. But with peers, Jessica tries her best to be very fair and just. She wants to prove to her parents that she doesn’t need pressure to remain on top. She hates it when she’s not in control of things. She plans very well to make sure that she knows what she does every time. Jessica is pretty, not very pretty though, and this is one of her insecurities. She is a very good singer-actor but is really bad with dancing.

Played by Meila Romero


RAHEL – Jess has developed a very close relationship with Rahel, who became her best friend since first year high school. Rahel knows every bit of secret that Jessica is hiding. She allows herself to be very fragile around Rahel. But in school, she projects a very strong and competitive image. She wants people to respect her and what she does.

DATU – She has a very big crush on Datu, but she doesn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment.

SOPHIA – She really respects Sophia and the feeling is mutual.

SEBASTIAN – She once stood up to the Kiriyama Family and made his gang stop bullying Dino. Despite this, she actually respects Sebastian as he is quite mature for his age.

PAUL – Once she and Paul were both in the finals for a big poetry competition – they went to the awards ceremony together. She thinks Paul is nice, but he is intimidated by her.

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