Ina Ho

NAME: Ina Ho


A timid and often-bullied girl, small in stature, speaks with a stutter. Her main hobby is taking photographs with a Polaroid camera, and she still has a collection of her favourite ones when she arrives on the island. Ina has constantly been on the outer, and is distrusting of all the “popular” girls, especially Kakai and her group – but when Kakai stumbles across Ina and pretends to want her companionship, Ina sees it as the long-awaited acceptance she has craved.

Played by Claudia Enriquez


MAC – Would often hang out with Mac in the library, playing card games, reading fantasy fiction together, and discussing what they would do with their lives once they left high school.

SOPHIA – Was always grateful to Sophia for talking to her in front of the other students, and sometimes even inviting her to parties and gigs.

KAKAI / LAILA / REMELY – The girl gang would bully Ina incessantly, stealing her belongings, locking her in the toilets after school, their attacks growing increasingly personal, violent and humiliating.

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