Erlat Madrigal

NAME: Erlat Madrigal

WEAPON: Garrote

Erlat is a member of Sebastian’s gang, and is considered to be a bully by her classmates. She has known Sebastian since they were both young, and has had a crush on him for a long time. She has been friends with Paola for a while, and bosses her around. She likes the attention Paola gives her, and often uses her influence over her to get her to do things for her. That said, when with Sebastian, she is very competitive so as to impress Sebastian. Erlat likes her social position, and feels like she is one of the coolest kids in school.

Played by Kate Alejandrino

STRENGTHS: Loyal, strong, ruthless, manipulative.

WEAKNESSES: Not very smart, short tempered, self-centred.


PAOLA – her best friend, does almost everything with her, bosses her around.

SEBASTIAN – has a crush on him, childhood friends, loyal to him.

CARMINA – friends, but very jealous of her and Sebastian’s ‘relationship’.

SANYA – friends, but is very competitive with her, doesn’t like her status in the gang.

ALAB – pretty indifferent to him, thinks it’s funny that he’s gay

Erlat on Facebook


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