Datu Abellera

NAME: Datu Abellera

WEAPON: Blowgun

Tough, scarred mature, cynical. Datu transferred from his previous school earlier this year and has not yet made friends. He acts pretty aloof and tries to project a tough image, which comes across as surly. In his previous school he had a girlfriend who he slept with, and he thinks that makes him really adult and mature. He is secretly a big rock music fan and knows heaps about rock history, the blues, alternative artists etc. Datu is pretty poor at schoolwork but quite good at sports, and very active – likes camping, climbing and wants to be a guide for people going on treks. When the game starts he realises that he needs to drop his attitude and make some friends urgently. He is wary of the lighthouse family and reluctantly agrees to seek their protection.

Played by Ralph Tuazon


SEBASTIAN – he has had a confrontation with the kiriyami family but not with sebastian himself.

JESSICA – Jessica offered him help with his work and he rebuffed her. He didn’t quite realise that she had a crush on him, but if he did he probably wouldn’t return the feelings.

SOPHIA – Datu knows Sophia plays rock and roll music, and he thinks she has good taste. He is impressed with how together she is during the game and starts to develop feelings for her.

PAUL – he tolerates paul but is a little exasperated by him.

Datu on Facebook


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