Carmina Catalan

NAME: Carmina Catalan


Carmina is a member of Sebastian’s gang, and is definitely considered to be a bully by her classmates. She is a very mentally unsound girl, with some serious problems. She has a sexual relationship with Sebastian, although part of her knows that he is using her but she still seems to want it. She lost her virginity very young and has very little self worth. She takes her anger and angst out on her fellow classmates, and seems to enjoy bullying other students more than the rest of the gang. She considers herself to be the top dog at the school, with only Sebastian above her.

Played by Joelle Yuvienco

STRENGTHS: Loyal, ruthless, psychotic.

WEAKNESSES: Severe mental issues, very low self-worth, overtly sexual.


SEBASTIAN – has a sexual relationship with him, in love with him, but he’s not in love with her.

SANYA – slightly jealous of the respect Sebastian gives her, but still happy with her place in the gang.

ERLAT – friends, but likes the fact that she is with Sebastian while Erlat is not.

PAOLA – thinks she’s funny, but feels much more superior to her.

ALAB – pretty indifferent to him, thinks it’s funny that he’s gay.

KAKAI – secretly hates her because she’s a better psycho-sexual-badass than Carmina, also knows Sebastian would have sex with her if he got the chance.

Carmina on Facebook


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