Alab Delusa

NAME: Alab Delusa

WEAPON: Homemade flamethrower

Alab is a member of Sebastian’s gang. He is considered a bully by his classmates, although he he isn’t particularly intimidating. He is a tag-a-long of the gang, there because he amuses Sebastian. He is widely considered to be a homosexual, although he is certainly not ‘out’. The girls in the gang tease him about it. He has a crush on Sebastian, and maintains a fantasy that one day Sebastian will come out to him, and the two of them can be together. Alab is not confident, although his social standing is quite high because of his membership to the gang.

Played by Michan Mendoza

STRENGTHS: Suspicious, sneaky.

WEAKNESSES: Not very intelligent, deluded.


SEBASTIAN – has a crush on Sebastian and hopes he’ll turn gay for him.

SANYA – respectful to her, considers her his boss.

PAOLA/ERLAT/CARMINA – hangs out with these girls because Sebastian does, but don’t like the way they tease him.

Alab on Facebook


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