Adrix Villaneuva

NAME: Adrix Villaneuva

WEAPON: Magnum 45

Adrix is a regular teenage girl. She is moderately popular, has a very close best friend in Liesl, and is pretty good at school. She is a ‘good girl’, in that she follows the rules and never gets in trouble. She is generally a nice and caring person, and has a lot of time for other people. She is very in to K-Pop and pop music, a like that she shares with her BFF Liesl. She is considered by most people in her class to be an approachable and kind girl, although some of the other students see her as a suck-up.

Played by Kamole Orense

STRENGTHS – Kindness, compassion, caring, book-smarts, loyalty, optimism.

WEAKNESSES – Lack of cynicism, very trusting, no street-smarts.


LIESL – best friend in the whole wide world, just real legit BFFS, would die for her.

JULIUS – respects his position as Class President but finds his treatment of women a little disrespectful.

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